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2024 Street Sweeping Schedule

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Randall Ave/Edgely Bridge Updates

A Community Meeting was held on January 23, 2024 to provide updates and information of the ongoing efforts Bristol Township, along with elected officials have taken over the last year concerning the Randall Avenue Bridge (Edgely Bridge). The meeting was a hybrid of in person and virtual. Click here for a link to watch/hear the meeting. Additionally, click here for a detailed timeline of the ongoing efforts by the Township and Township Consulting Engineer.


On February 6, 2024, the Township and our Engineer's meet with Amtrak and our prospective contractor. We were able to get out under the bridge with Amtrak and the contractor. Prospective contractor has to submit the means and methods of the work to remove the concrete the steel bridge is encased in and to install the wood decking so we can then determine/estimate a contract and outage/times for the work to be completed.


May 20, 2024 Update: Amtrak, Bristol Township and Gilmore Associates, Inc. (GA) have entered into a Construction Agreement for the work necessary on the bridge. Haines and Kibblehouse (contractor working for the Township H&K) and Amtrak have been corresponding on final concerns. The hope is to have all construction details finalized and approved and work to begin mid-June. Senator Steve Santarsiero and Representative Tina Davis assisted Bristol Township in receiving an additional $2 million. This funding will be used to complete the abutment work. Once all work has been completed, PennDOT will need to sign off and approve the bridge to reopen.


June 20, 2024 Update: We have an executed agreement with H&K. H&K’s total contract amount increased to $1,085,260.00. The project was originally planned to start June 21st and was pushed back a week from Amtrak to now begin Friday, June 28th.


Project Schedule 

6/21/24 to 6/24/24 – 55-Hour Outage on Track 4 with nighttime outage on Track 3 - Canceled

6/28/24 to 7/1/24 – 55 Hour Outage on Track 3 with nighttime outage on Track 2

7/12/24 to 7/15/24 – 55 Hour Outage on Track 2 with nighttime outage on Track 3

7/26/24 to 7/29/24 – 55 Hour Outage on Track 1 with nighttime outage on Track 2


The project has gone back to using hi rail equipment for some of the work. H&K has their hi rail inspection scheduled for June 26th. H&K is planning to mobilize today and start setting up the construction laydown areas today and tomorrow (6/20 & 6/21). They plan to use a portion of Pitt Ave that is closed and will set up temporary chain link fence with a lock to secure all materials/equipment.


GA is finalizing the abutment project bid and details, should be completed early July and then GA will solicit bids for this work.


The bridge work, with no delays to the schedule should be completed by the end of July. If the abutments are ready for work, then (contract awarded), this work could start as early as July/August and is estimated to take 3 months. The abutments are what required the 3.5-ton limit and there is discussion with the work being done, that that may be able to be increased once completed. Our police department was advised we will need truck enforcement for the bridge to enforce whatever weight limit there is while we continue to work on design and funding for a full bridge replacement.


June 27, 2024 Update: The project is now set to start on July 12, 2024 (pushed from 6/28 start). Amtrak experienced heat related ET (electric traction) infrastructure issues along the Northeast Corridor (NEC) during the week of June 17th-June 21st. Amtrak ET manpower resources have been shifted towards maintenance in anticipation of the heavy travel week before, during, and after the Fourth of July holiday week/weekend.



Updates, as they continue to produce outcomes will be provided on this page. You may reach out to the Township Manager, Ms. Randee Mazur if more information is requested than provided at either 267-812-2914 or rmazur@bristoltownship.org.


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