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Report a Street Light Outage
Report a Street Light Outage


Bristol Township uses 'Starsense' to remotely monitor streetlights and to identify failures that may occur.  While Bristol Township promptly makes repairs to street lights due to equipment failure or mechanical damage, PECO is responsible for issues related to electrical transmission and wiring.  In the event the problem is caused by PECO, Bristol Township will contact them to arrange for the repair. 


Bristol Township encourages residents to report non-working or damaged street lights. Please use the form below to report a street light outage or call (267) 812-2888.  The Pole Number is needed to locate the exact pole with the problem.  It is difficult to find a street light that does not function during the day when the lights are not on. In the event, there is no pole number, please provide an exact location of the pole.

Street Light Form

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