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Many residents have noticed ORANGE BAGS on street lights in their neighborhood.   The Bristol Township Street Lighting Program has developed a system to identify street lights not working due to PECO power problems.

If you see an ORANGE BAG on a street light it indicates:

  1. The problem has been reported to the Township.
  2. The Township Contractor has identified the problem.
  3. PECO has been notified.
  4. It is PECO's responsibility to remedy the problem.

The Township street lights have been hit hard by vandalism.  PLEASE, report any vandalism IMMEDIATELY to the Bristol Township Police Department  at (215) 785-4040.   Those caught damaging Township street lights will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

REMEMBER: To report a street light problem, call (267) 812-2888 or fill out the form below.

The Pole Number is required to locate the exact pole with the problem.  It is difficult to find a street light that does not function during the day when the lights are not on.

Street Light Form

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Exact Location of Pole:
(E.g., Southeast Corner of New Falls Road and Rt. 413, In front of 823 Central Avenue, etc.)
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