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Bristol Township Comprehensive Plan

Bristol Township has been diligently working over the past two years to update the Township Comprehensive Plan.  Bristol Township last updated its comprehensive plan in 1986. Many of the recommendations of the 1986 Comprehensive Plan materialized, indicating that such planning provides a proactive approach to accommodating change and can assist the township in realizing many of its goals. Although changes within the township over the past 20 years have been modest because of its urban/suburban condition, Bristol must still plan for a sustainable future, one that enhances quality of life and promotes economic vitality. Thus, the Township’s initiative to update the 1986 Comprehensive Plan is very timely.

This document, an update to the Bristol Township Comprehensive Plan, is prepared under the authority granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to municipalities to prepare comprehensive plans in accordance with the provisions of the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC). Article III of the MPC provides requirements regarding the content and information that must be included as part of a comprehensive plan.

A comprehensive plan should serve as a document that provides a foundation for local planning, a ready resource containing the policies that guide land use decisions in a community. It can help a community to shape its future by guiding the formulation of zoning and subdivision ordinances, the acquisition of open space, transportation improvements, the protection of natural and historic resources and the provision of community facilities. This update is intended to ensure that the Bristol Township Comprehensive Plan continues to serve as such a resource.

The plan provides a blueprint for housing, land use, community facilities, and transportation. It is not a legal document but assists decision-makers. It contains no rules or regulations but forms the basis for zoning regulations. It has a broad scope and examines the physical, social, and economic characteristics that come together to form what exists today and applies this knowledge to the future.
Issues are addressed in general terms, but the comprehensive plan can make specific recommendations. It is a report that examines how the past has shaped the present, develops a forecast about what will happen in the future, and describes how this future can be shaped to meet a community’s wishes.

This plan is scheduled to be presented to the Township Council at the June 19, 2008 at 7pm. 

Click here for a copy of the Comprehensive Plan



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